Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kelly Pickler

My Aunt called in February and wanted to know if I wanted to go to Kelly Pickler. A girls trip I couldn't refuse, so of course I said yes and told her to get me two tickets one for me and one for Emma. So for the last few months we have been listening to Kelly Pickler non stop. Emma has gotten most of the songs down, but her favorite one is "Red high heels." Me, Emma, Tiffany, Amber, Grandma Geri, Aunt Staci, and Kristi all went. After the concert they said that she might come out and do a signing so we stuck around and got a picture with her, and an autograph. Emma had the time of her life. It was in St. George at Tuachan so we got a hotel and spent a couple of days down there. It was also Tiffany's birthday while we were down there so we went to Costco and bought one of there huge cakes, and it was so good!!! We put it in the trunk of my car and every time we wanted some we would open the trunk and eat.


  1. Hi! I'm so glad you updated your blog- I never get to see you. You weekend out sounds like so much fun! Emma is so beautiful and your hair is so long- I love it!

  2. My girls eating cake from the trunk of a car. I am so shocked :0 I love ya

  3. Hey-found you through Mindy's. Sounds like fun time in St. George, the best is the costco cake in the trunk! Those are so yummy!