Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Family Pictures

All the Stephensons got new family pictures....what a brave photographer! There are 11 children, 9 under the age of 5, and 4 that are 1 and under. Emma was such a posser and Gracie is a natural. Kelly Bennet was the photogrpher she does awesome work If you want to check her out her website is thanks kelly you did awesome!!!!


  1. Its a good thing you told me today what your blog was so I could come check it out! I love your pictures!! You have the cutest girls! I want to see all the pictures though so when I come over don't ask why!

  2. Love these pictures! Your kids are too cute! And I didn't remember that you had braces :) you look really cute in them. And I love your hair!

  3. I had no idea that you had a blog. I am super glad that I found it on Jaime's. Your pictures are so cute. Tell Dane that he looks very nice in a pink tie.